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Hey Friends

Thanks for stopping by. That’s a picture of me, Michael. It makes me appear a lot cooler than I am. Sometimes I speak in front of people. Sometimes I don’t.

To be honest, I still get nervous. I tell people it doesn’t make me nervous, and I’m used to it. I don’t think it’s ever something you get used to. At least I don’t think I will.

I have a lot more info about me, on my “About” page. Feel free to click the link if you want. Also, feel free to not do that, too.

The short of things is, I believe in the power of story. I believe that everyone’s story should be shared. I believe that podcasting is one of the best ways to do that. So, I help people tell their story.

Stories I've Been A Part Of

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Future Obsession

A music discovery podcast.

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South Bend Beat

The South Bend Beat Podcast will dive into all things, people and places South Bend. We’ll interview local leaders and influencers, allowing listeners to hear about them in a way that’s never been heard before. 

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Breaker Society

A new podcast featuring the ones who break things that need broken and then build something better. They are the breakers. This is Breaker Society.

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The Global Fringe

This is for the ones who find themselves on the fringe of culture committed to live their best lives.

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Parenting Peak Performers

With this podcast, parents will learn about how they contribute to their child’s success with different parenting styles and techniques, and how to overcome universal parenting challenges.

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37 the Podcast

A podcast about going from pedestrian to proficient.

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The Wonder Jam Podcast

Entrepreneurs sharing stumbles, accidental success, and comedic missteps always leads to an interesting chat!

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Building Championship Mindsets

A podcast that features guests from the athletic and corporate worlds who share how they leverage the mental game to drive performance excellence.

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Take on Truth

A venue for thoughtful dialogue over often divisive issues.

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Intentional Performers

Discover the tools, techniques, ideas, concepts, and most importantly the actions of some of the best at their craft.

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South Bend City Church

A Jesus-centered community for believers and doubters, where we can ask difficult questions and wrestle with the tensions of ancient faith in a modern world; a community that values simplicity and spiritual practices in our life together; and a church that’s deeply connected to the city we love.

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While You Were Processing

Sonya Fitzgerald, the host, spent a life behind a desk and now she is behind a salon chair. As a stylist, she gets to hold lots sacred space with people and be a life concierge of sorts. We talk about Hair & Makeup products and processing all the things that life has to bring.

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Living in Yellow

When one of your clients launches a clothing line, you celebrate that! Check out Living in Yellow and get to know the LIY gang.

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Arbor Research Group

A premium church consulting group.

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Motivational Moments

David Stauffer's Motivational Moments podcast is geared towards leaders in business and ministry.

Stuck? I Can Help!

Do you want to make a podcast, but don’t really know how? Confused about where to even start?

Don’t have enough time? What kind of mics should you use? How do I edit the show? How do I make sure it’s online? Where do I even begin?

Great questions!

These are some of the many questions you should be asking.

If these questions, and others, have stopped you from making a podcast or moving forward with  your dreams or goals of producing one, I am here to help.

podcast - Home
podcast - Home

Why Podcast?

The benefits of having your own podcasts are crazy long. When I first started my own, I had no idea the world it was going to open for me. I can honestly say, having a podcast has changed my life.

You might be familiar with the term passive income. Well, podcasting produces something that I have coined as passive influence. Imagine being able to tell your story, impact people all around the world, and activate your network, while you sleep! That’s what podcasting gives you the ability to do. You are able to reproduce yourself and your voice while you aren’t physically present.

Another thing that will happens, is that you will activate your network. What do I mean by this? Your tribe, clients, followers, friends, and family will be more connected to you than ever. Not only that, but they will feel a personal connection more so than any other form of media. They will feel like they know you, and that’s because they are getting to see/listen to a side of you that is personal and real.

If you are looking to make money starting a podcast, that’s also possible! It takes awhile, but it’s very doable. By year 2 of my personal podcast, we had thousands of dollars in equipment paid off and were collecting a small income. It wasn’t a lot, but it was better than nothing!

What I Do

I walk along side of you to make sure you have a podcast that you are proud of. Basically, I am your personal podcasting coach.

So what’s the process?

  1. First. You will fill out a small questionnaire. (It’s that button right below this text!) That will help me better understand where you are in your process and also help you start to process some questions.
  2. Second. We will schedule a phone/Skype call to discuss how I will be assisting you in this journey. This typically takes 30 minutes. This is all free!
  3. Third. If you decide to let me coach/produce you in your podcasting adventure, I will then coach you through my “4 Stages of Podcasting.” This includes:  1.) Planning 2.) Gear 3.) Producing 4) Launch. This can and will be modified for each person as need be.
  4. Fourth. Once we walk through this process, you’ll have a fully functional podcast that is ready to be launched and heard by the world!
podcast - Home
podcast - Home

What You Need To Do

Getting started is simple.

Click the button that says “Fill Out This Form!”

That’s it. I will take care of the rest.

We can have your podcast up and running in less than a month. It really is that easy!

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