Everyone Has A Story. Let Us Help You Share Yours. 

Podcast Startup

Don’t let the fear of the uknown, stop you from having influence. Podcasting is one of the best ways to reach people, everywhere in the world. At Truth Work Media, it’s our goal to help you share your story. We will walk along side of you and give you as much or as little assistance as you. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. You don’t need a professional studio to start reaching the world. 

We Can Have Your Podcast Up and Running in Less Than A Month! 

What You Do

You will simply contact us and tell us what you are wanting to do. We handle the rest. Don’t know what the rest is? Keep enjoying your coffee and keep scrolling.

Live Project

What We Do

At Truth Work Media, we walk along side of you to make sure you have a podcast that you are proud of.

What kind of mics should you use? How do I edit the show? How do I make sure it’s online? Where do I even start? 

Great questions! We walk each of our clients through an extensive coaching, that will break down starting a podcast into 4-5 easy steps

We then walk guide you through the steps and get your podcast started. 

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Uploading to the World

After we have helped you produce a freaking awesome podcast, we will make sure your show is formatted and edited properally, so it lands on iTunes, Google Play, Sticher, etc. 

We can have your podcast up and running in less than a month. It really is that easy!

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