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Find the right service you need to make your podcasting dream a reality. Truth Work Media offers several different services to build your podcast from the ground up or take other marketing efforts to the next level. Learn more about the services themselves or find the right pricing package for your podcast.

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Do you want to make a podcast but don’t really know how? Are you confused about where to even start? What kind of mics should you use? How you make sure it’s online? Beginning anything, especially a podcast can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. Meet the podcasting team that can make your podcast more than a dream. Learn more about Truth Work Media and check out our podcasting guides.

Learn How To Get Your Podcast Off The Ground

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How To Start A Podcast

Want to learn what it takes to get your podcast started? Truth Work Media has compiled a helpful podcast starting guide to give you the power of creating your own podcast today!

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How To Edit A Podcast

Maybe you already have your podcast and you’re looking to edit the podcast audio on your own, if so, this page is the right one for you! Get introduced to different software & where to start editing.

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Podcasting Equipment

Need Podcast Equipment recommendations, then Truth Work Media has got you covered. This comprehensive guide can help you buy what you need.

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Podcasting Tips & Tricks

Check out these podcasting tip & trick articles to give your podcasts the edge. 

Featured Podcasts We Coached

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“My favorite thing about Truth Work media is that the process feels so collaborative. This amazing team doesn’t just care that everything sounds great (which it always does), they also care about how every episode FEELS. I’ve been blown away to have found the sound quality I was looking for, from a small, indie studio: where everyone actually knows my name, cares deeply about my message, and is genuinely committed to the success of my show.” 

– Natalie Norton, The Show Up Podcast


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