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What Do I Do?

In short, I help people share their story.

This usually happens in three ways.

I speak/teach, create websites for people, and help people create podcasts.

I walk along side of people and encourage them to live a story that is worth sharing. I help others lean into what that looks like for them.

So, a lot of my days are spent meeting with people over coffee and helping people dream.

I’ve found that most people have a story they are longing to create or be a part of, but often they need help getting there.

That’s what I do. I help people live into their story.

podcast - About Us

How'd This Happen?

The short of it: I jumped. I quit my day job to live a better story.

This didn’t happen overnight. I’ve worked in some form of relational ministry for the better part of 8 years. While having a steady job, I had been dipping my toes into the freelance world a lot.

Then I started my first podcast with my friend Terry Linhart. My life changed from that moment forward.

I started to get asked to speak at large conferences, (and they were becoming more regular). I started to be asked to emcee for larger and larger events.

I started to develop websites for friends and family. And then for friends of friends. And then for people that I didn’t know.

And most recently, I started helping people create podcasts.

This all came to a head when I felt a nudge to leap into the deep end and try this thing on full size. So that’s what I did. I quit my day job to live a better story, and hopefully I’m enabling others to do the same.

Our Team

podcast - About Us

Michael Yoder

Chief Troublemaker - CEO

podcast - About Us

Makenna Smith

Podcast Coach / Content Strategist

podcast - About Us

Sarah Vasquez

Project Manager / Content Producer

podcast - About Us

Cole Farlow

Sony Video Pro, Best Mid NA

podcast - About Us

Seth Creekmore

Production / Media Manager

Some Core Values


The reason I do what I do, is people. I love hearing individual stories and walking along side of people and helping them achieve their dreams. People are the most important thing in the world, and I hope to live a life that represents this belief.


This might seem like a strange core value, but it represents who I am and what I want to be about. Let me explain. I am hopeful that people want to live a better story. I am hopeful that tomorrow will be better than today. I am hopeful that we can find a way to love each other well as humans. I am hopeful that creating together is a part of making the world a better place.


If we can trust each other, we can change the world. If I know you have my back, and you know I have yours, we start to form a team that is unbreakable. The people that I work with become a part of a larger team, hoping to create and change the world. This isn’t about growing a tribe, it’s about working hand and hand, and growing together.

Podcast and Stories We've Helped Coach and Produce.

podcast - About Us

The Idealcast

In The Idealcast, multiple award-winning CTO, researcher and bestselling author Gene Kim hosts technology and business leaders to explore the dangerous, shifting digital landscape. Listeners will hear insights and gain solutions to help their enterprises thrive in an evolving business world.

podcast - About Us


Enterprise Sales Development Podcast. Listen to CIENCE’s podcasts on-demand to hear from thought leaders discussing key trends and topics within the lead generation industry.

podcast - About Us

The Road Ahead: Omnitracs

Our mission is to get you to think outside the box and consider ideas and innovations that could transform your fleet – financially, operationally, and safely. We hope you find these brief conversations thought-provoking and rewarding.

podcast - About Us

Neurons to Nirvana

A platform for creative forces who embrace the unconventional in the quest for artistry, humanity, innovation, health, and healing of the mind and soul.

podcast - About Us

Building Championship Mindsets

A podcast that features guests from the athletic and corporate worlds who share how they leverage the mental game to drive performance excellence.

podcast - About Us

The Wonder Jam Podcast

Entrepreneurs sharing stumbles, accidental success, and comedic missteps always leads to an interesting chat!

podcast - About Us

Future Obsession

A music discovery podcast.

podcast - About Us

South Bend Beat

The South Bend Beat Podcast will dive into all things, people and places South Bend. We’ll interview local leaders and influencers, allowing listeners to hear about them in a way that’s never been heard before. 

podcast - About Us

Breaker Society

A new podcast featuring the ones who break things that need broken and then build something better. They are the breakers. This is Breaker Society.

podcast - About Us

Parenting Peak Performers

With this podcast, parents will learn about how they contribute to their child’s success with different parenting styles and techniques, and how to overcome universal parenting challenges.

podcast - About Us

Intentional Performers

Discover the tools, techniques, ideas, concepts, and most importantly the actions of some of the best at their craft.

podcast - About Us

South Bend City Church

A Jesus-centered community for believers and doubters, where we can ask difficult questions and wrestle with the tensions of ancient faith in a modern world; a community that values simplicity and spiritual practices in our life together; and a church that’s deeply connected to the city we love.

podcast - About Us

Arbor Research Group

A premium church consulting group.

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