Apple Podcast Changes Go Live

August 8, 2019

Apple sent out an email on August 8th, 2019 to all podcast publishers. Their new categories are going live. We talked about this change going into effect in a previous post.

Dear Podcast Provider,

We are thrilled to announce the enhanced categories are now available on Apple Podcasts.

These updates provide new opportunities for your show to appear on its category page and the corresponding Top Charts.

Here are a few tips to help maximize your show’s potential on Apple Podcasts:

Choose the category that best reflects the content of your show. If applicable, you may also define a subcategory. This helps us surface your show in relevant sections throughout Apple Podcasts.
Attract listeners with a well-written description. The first sentence is a powerful opportunity to connect with your audience.
Separate episode numbers from your show title. Instead, use the tag to specify episode numbers. Doing so makes it possible for Apple Podcasts to easily index and order content.
Review Apple Podcasts Marketing Best Practices for additional tips to grow your audience.

The Apple Podcasts team

If you are a podcaster and need help getting these changes implemented on your show, feel free to reach out to us at any time. We have a team ready and eager to help.

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