How long should I make my podcast?

To answer the question, “How long should I make my podcast?” begin by asking yourself two follow up questions: Who is my podcast audience? How frequently will I release podcast episodes?

The audience question gives you an indication of their expectations, time constraints, and length tolerance. For instance, if your podcast recaps the daily news cycle or sports update and most listeners play it on their way to work, keeping it under 30 minutes ensures it can be consumed within the average daily commute. If your podcast records friends extemporaneously recapping the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, your audience may be more inclined to enjoy an extended episode.

Keeping your podcast audience in mind, helps you tailor an experience that maintains engagement and loyalty.

Quick Recap>5 minutes
Rant1–15 minutes (maybe up to 30)
Interview15–60 minutes (with exceptions)
Curated Stories60 minutes
Free form discussion60–90 minutes


Next, you want to consider your podcast release frequency. The question of podcast frequency helps determine the amount of time your listeners have at their disposal. If you release a 5 minute daily podcast, most people could listen during their morning routine or commute. However, a daily 30 minute podcast means that even a most loyal fan could find themselves hours behind if they skip a week of listening due to a break for vacation.

The chart below can serve as a quick guide to help guide you in what your audience will likely be interested and able to consume.

Multiple times a day>5 minutes
Daily1–15 minutes (maybe up to 30)
Weekly15–60 minutes (with exceptions)
Biweekly60 minutes
Monthly60–90 minutes


Lastly, remember, determining the length of your podcast is an important question to consider. But above all never lose sight of three most important elements to successful podcasts: Consistency. Content. Quality.


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