New Changes Coming to Apple Podcasting

July 23, 2019

In June 2005, Apple added podcasts to iTunes. That changed the world of podcasting. This coming summer of 2019, Apple is changing and making major updates and needed changes to their podcasting structures. Check out the email they sent out to producers and publishers below:

An email from Apple Podcasts:

Dear Podcast Provider,

To improve your experience with Apple Podcasts, we want to share the following information and updates announced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2019.

Apple Podcasts for Mac
Apple Podcasts for Mac will launch this fall. Members of the Apple Developer Program can preview the new Apple Podcasts for Mac now. Apple Beta Software Program members will have access this summer.

Search Enhancements
Apple Podcasts will allow listeners to discover shows based on audio transcripts, topics, and people. Moreover, show and episode pages will display images of hosts and guests.

These features will first be available for selected top shows in English; more shows will be added later this year. Sign in to Podcasts Connect, if needed, to review the latest Terms of Service in order for your show to be eligible.

Apple Podcasts Categories
Later this summer we’re adding top-level categories such as Fiction, History, and True Crime — as well as dozens of new subcategories. See the updated list of supported categories in Podcasts Connect Help.

Podnews: we’ve compared the old and new categories in a separate article

Here are some scenarios to help you understand if you should consider updating your show’s category:

  • New categories. We’ll be introducing new top-level categories such as Fiction, History, and True Crime. Additionally, dozens of new subcategories will be available. For example, Fiction > Drama.
  • Renamed categories. For clarity, some categories will be renamed. When possible, shows will be mapped to the updated category or subcategory value upon launch. For example, Sports & Recreation > Outdoor will become Sports > Wilderness.
  • Discontinued subcategories. Some subcategories will be discontinued. Shows with a subcategory that will no longer be available will still retain its top-level category. For example, Sports & Recreation > Professional will be displayed as Sports until a new subcategory value is added to the RSS feed.

You can make changes to your show’s category now, and they’ll go live on Apple Podcasts later this summer. Contact your hosting provider for further support in implementing the updated Apple Podcast categories within your RSS feed.

Explore Resources and Help to stay up to date on the above developments.

The Apple Podcasts team

Apple is doubling down on podcasting after ignoring the platform for what seemed to be years. It will be interesting to see how audio transcripts are used, and how this will shift how show notes look like across all platforms. Apple usually moves the needle when they make changes to platforms, and we’ll see if they still have the influence they once had in a growing community and market of the podcast world.

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