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How To Use Zencastr with the Rode RODECaster Pro

Last month, Truth Work Media flew out to Oregon to help a business setup an in-house podcast recording studio. They wanted the best gear and the ability to record remote interviews. I knew I would immediately recommend getting the RODECaster Pro, but I didn't know for...

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How Businesses Use Podcasts For Effective Communication

Podcasts are an extremely effective form of digital marketing. When done successfully, they build trust, cement your brand, and elevate your status to industry expert. Essentially, they are one of the most under-used tools of communication for any business. Here are 4...

podcast - Podcasting Help Articles

Use Podcasts To Establish Yourself As An Industry Expert

Effective digital content should add value to your audience. Whether it’s educational, helping to solve a pain point, or an update on your services - it should always be something that is useful. Adding value helps to build trust between you and your audience. As the...

podcast - Podcasting Help Articles

Why You Should Use Podcasts to Market Your Business

No matter what niche or industry your business is in, you’re bound to have competition. Digital marketing is how you show your audience that your products/services are the best choices, in order to separate yourself from (and rise above) the competition. There are...

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Apple Podcast Changes Go Live

Apple sent out an email on August 8th, 2019 to all podcast publishers. Their new categories are going live. We talked about this change going into effect in a previous post. Dear Podcast Provider, We are thrilled to announce the enhanced categories are now available...

podcast - Podcasting Help Articles

New Changes Coming to Apple Podcasting

In June 2005, Apple added podcasts to iTunes. That changed the world of podcasting. This coming summer of 2019, Apple is changing and making major updates and needed changes to their podcasting structures. Check out the email they sent out to producers and publishers...

podcast - Podcasting Help Articles

3 Reasons to Start Podcasting Now

If you're on this website, you know we're advocates for podcasts. But why? We've got three huge reasons to jump into the podcastverse. 1. Podcast popularity is still growing.  Over the last decade, Edison Research has conducted studies year-over-year about podcast...

podcast - Podcasting Help Articles

Making Your New Podcast Idea a Reality

How Truth Work Media Takes Your Show from Start to Finish If you have a story (and you do), a topic of interest, a passion and a lot of determination, you can make a podcast If you’re on this website and reading this blog, you have at least some interest in starting...

podcast - Podcasting Help Articles

5 Reasons Podcasts Fail: And How to Make Yours a Success

If you’re in the podcasting world, you may have heard of “podfading.” It’s the word content creators speak with trepidation in the corner of a dark pub, the one that sends shivers down every podcast creator’s spine. Podfade is the word people use to describe a podcast...


When I started my website and podcast I reached out to my network for the name of a company I could trust and, without hesitation I got back the name “Truth Works Media.” With TWM’s capabilities and professionalism I can focus on the bigger picture of my business without worrying about quality or having to micromanage. I am confident with the team at TWM that I am getting top notch work with every part of my business they’re a part of.

Pat Ivey, Ph.D | Former NFL player

We at BioLogos had been thinking about a podcast for a long time, but didn’t think we had the resources to do it well. A chance conversation with Michael changed all that. He and TWM walked us through every aspect of the process and showed us how to put together a high-quality show. We’re super proud of the outcome (Language of God), and highly recommend TWM for anyone looking to get into podcasting.

Jim Stump, BioLogos Vice President

I was excited with the idea of launching a podcast, but figuring out how to make it happen was a bit scary. I’m so thankful for TWM! From finding the right equipment, to setting it up and recording, Michael and his team made it easier than I could of ever imagined! We are excited to launch the 2nd season and the ideas/improvements they brought for this round are going to help us reach even more people!

Dustin Kaehr, MBA | Director, Lippert Academy for Leadership

“I was fortunate to find Michael and TruthWork Media while I was looking at starting a podcast. They have a been a tremendous resource in producing Breaker Society, as well as Beyond One Day, a podcast produced for a school district client. From coaching to all the technical aspects that come along with podcasting, TWM has been a supportive partner and have made the process of producing content much more efficient and effective. Looking forward to continuing to work with them long into the future!”

Shane Haggerty

“I’d talked about podcasting for years, people told me I should do one, but I was stuck. Talking to Michael got me going again and helped me understand what to focus on and what to ignore when launching The Wonder Jam Cast.”

Adam Lehman

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