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Growing Your Podcast Audience

You started your podcast. So, now it is time to focus on growing your podcast audience. Your listeners are the engine of your podcast. They keep things moving forward and determine the success of many other moving parts. It is important to be creative and open-minded...

podcast - Podcasting Help Articles

Creating Content Strategy For Your B2B Podcast

Creating content strategy for your B2B podcast can give you artistic vision as a content creator and set the course of your entire show. After starting your podcast you now find yourself wondering what you will talk about every episode. The never-ending road of...

podcast - Podcasting Help Articles

Facebook Podcasting: Information and Set Up

In June, Facebook released an update that launched live audio rooms as well as the new in-app podcasting experience. Live audio rooms will prove to be an effective way to have online conversations, but Facebook podcasting is more exciting for any avid podcast...

podcast - Podcasting Help Articles

Introducing Apple Podcast Subscriptions and Channels

In June, Apple Podcasts released an update that implemented subscriptions and channels. This introduced a new way for podcast hosts and producers to interact with their audience. Before we dive into subscriptions, it is important to understand channels. A channel is a...

podcast - Podcasting Help Articles

10 Podcasting Statistics Anybody Should Know

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing industries in America, and there are many reasons behind this explosive growth. With a devoted audience and a motivated host, the goal of any podcast is achievable. This could be brand-building, increased sales, or education...

podcast - Podcasting Help Articles

How Content Creation can maximize B2B Sales

B2B (Business-to-Business) sales can make or break your business, and content creation can generate and nurture these sales better than almost any method. A B2B sale involves one business buying a product or service from another business. Because a business has more...

podcast - Podcasting Help Articles

How Content Creation can Elevate your Business

Business is shifting to the internet, and content creation is one of the best ways for your business to establish an online presence. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, e-retail has increased from about 5% of total retail sales in 2012 to 13.6% in 2021....

podcast - Podcasting Help Articles

Video Podcasting: The Key to Modern Marketing

Many companies - from Fortune 500 to start-ups - are beginning to rely on podcasts to communicate with consumers. Likewise, more consumers are turning to podcasts. According to The Infinite Dial, the longest-running survey of American digital media consumer behavior,...


When I started my website and podcast I reached out to my network for the name of a company I could trust and, without hesitation I got back the name “Truth Works Media.” With TWM’s capabilities and professionalism I can focus on the bigger picture of my business without worrying about quality or having to micromanage. I am confident with the team at TWM that I am getting top notch work with every part of my business they’re a part of.

Pat Ivey, Ph.D | Former NFL player

We at BioLogos had been thinking about a podcast for a long time, but didn’t think we had the resources to do it well. A chance conversation with Michael changed all that. He and TWM walked us through every aspect of the process and showed us how to put together a high-quality show. We’re super proud of the outcome (Language of God), and highly recommend TWM for anyone looking to get into podcasting.

Jim Stump, BioLogos Vice President

I was excited with the idea of launching a podcast, but figuring out how to make it happen was a bit scary. I’m so thankful for TWM! From finding the right equipment, to setting it up and recording, Michael and his team made it easier than I could of ever imagined! We are excited to launch the 2nd season and the ideas/improvements they brought for this round are going to help us reach even more people!

Dustin Kaehr, MBA | Director, Lippert Academy for Leadership

“I was fortunate to find Michael and TruthWork Media while I was looking at starting a podcast. They have a been a tremendous resource in producing Breaker Society, as well as Beyond One Day, a podcast produced for a school district client. From coaching to all the technical aspects that come along with podcasting, TWM has been a supportive partner and have made the process of producing content much more efficient and effective. Looking forward to continuing to work with them long into the future!”

Shane Haggerty

“I’d talked about podcasting for years, people told me I should do one, but I was stuck. Talking to Michael got me going again and helped me understand what to focus on and what to ignore when launching The Wonder Jam Cast.”

Adam Lehman

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