Here is a list of products/services we offer. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask. If we don’t do it, we can and probably will.

Courses and Kits

Are you just starting out? Try our Startup Launch Course and kit. 

Podcast production

Do you already have your recording setup and are looking for someone to handle the rest so you can focus on your content? Try one of our Monthly Production Packages.


Podcast Artwork

Starting at
  • Custom Design


We know you have questions. Our goal is not to confuse you, keep you in the dark on pricing, or what you actually get from us. Here are some answers to a few questions we think you’ll have. 

Do you teach me how to setup, record, edit and structure my shows or do you just hand me the information.

Absolutely. With our Launch Package we not only give you the information you need, but the one on one coaching on how to apply it to make your show rock!

Do I have to stay with you even after the two complimentary episodes?

Not at all. We offer our retainer service as a way to free up your time and help you if all you want to do is just hit record and talk. If you want to take over after your launch you can! You will have all the knowledge, rights and account information you need to take it from there. 

Do you listen to the entire episode when you master it?

Yes, we don’t cut corners. Our goal is to give you a consistent sound quality to the last second.

Do I just get someone from a list for my one on one coach?

No lists here. When you purchase a package with coaching you get one on one coaching with Michael, our founder. He has the skills to pay the bills 😉

Do you provide microphones with your launch kit?

We do not. However, based on our suggestions we offer you can select to buy one from as little as $75 all the way up to $450.

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“My favorite thing about Truth Work media is that the process feels so collaborative. This amazing team doesn’t just care that everything sounds great (which it always does), they also care about how every episode FEELS. I’ve been blown away to have found the sound quality I was looking for, from a small, indie studio: where everyone actually knows my name, cares deeply about my message, and is genuinely committed to the success of my show.” 

– Natalie Norton, The Show Up Podcast

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