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Each episode of your podcast needs attention and care. Choosing your topics, selecting your guests, and putting together your content all requires in-depth planning. For some, figuring out all the extra details like sound editing and production is overwhelming. 

That’s where we come in. 

We offer monthly podcast editing services and production management packages that let you focus on telling your story. 

What’s included depends on what you need. Our team is equipped to handle everything from sound editing to show notes and publication. All you need to do is choose your package. 

Podcast Editing Steps 

Editing each podcast has four elements: stitching, mixing, mastering, and content editing. All of these services are included in each of our podcast editing packages. 



When you record your podcast, you’ll have way more content than you’ll use in your episode. More often than not, half-hour episodes are crafted from an hour of recorded content. Stitching is the process of finding and extracting the right clips for your show.


Audio recording includes lots of sound layers, like background noise (an air conditioner) and voices (the host, and interviewees). Mixing makes sure each layer sounds good without competing with or distracting from the other layers. Making sure all the voices are at a similar volume and the background noise is reduced to a mild hum is all part of mixing. 



If mixing creates a canvas for your podcast, mastering is the painting. This is where creative flair comes into play as the audio editor optimizes and smoothes out the overall sound. 


Content Editing

Content editing takes the stitched clips and threads them all together into a cohesive narrative. It’s about narrowing the episode’s focus to a clear topic that’s understandable and memorable. 

The Importance of the Podcast Editing Phase 

Podcast editing has a major influence on both the audio quality and content flow of your show. Both of these elements affect whether someone hits subscribe, or abandons your podcast altogether. 

Audio Quality

Have you ever subscribed to a podcast with bad audio? Not likely, but you probably have started a podcast and hit the back button when the sound quality was unpleasant. Good stitching, mixing, and mastering sets professional podcasters apart from the amateurs. You can learn how to clean up your podcast audio with our introduction guide!

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Signs of Bad Audio Editing

Loud breathing on the microphone

No breathing an episode (it’s spooky, trust us)

Excessive distracting background noise (door slams, footsteps, etc.)

When audio editing is done right, the voices match volume, the sound is clear, and the episode has smooth transitions with limited distractions.

Content Flow

Individual sound bites are excellent, but for a podcast to be captivating, those snippets have to weave together.There are dozens of things that can happen during the recording process that put the flow of your content at risk. 

Speakers and guests divert from the topic (a little of this can be fun, a lot makes people forget the point of your episode)

Ums, ers, uhs, and other interjections show up

Recording multiple sections or in different settings changes the tone and topic

Interviews or discussions dramatically exceed the target episode length

New To Podcasting? Check Out Our DIY Podcasting Course and Startup Kit 

Not everyone is ready for podcast editing services. Some people need to get their ideas turned into an action plan. Our podcast startup course and kit are for the do-it-yourselfers who want to learn the tools of the trade. 

The Startup Kit is a 6 page PDF that includes information on how to equip your studio, what editing apps to use, and where to publish your podcast. You’ll also find a content scheduling template where you can plan your first season of episodes. 

The Podcast Startup Course goes one step further. With the course, you’ll get the Startup Kit plus personal coaching and editing services for your first two episodes so you can spend your early days focusing on your content. 

This Podcast Startup Course has been used by Fourtune 500 compaines, where they have acheived an audio brand idenity through personal coaching that they continue to be proud of. 

Podcast Editing Packages and Pricing 

All podcast editing packages include stitching, mixing, mastering, and content editing. The different levels are dictated by the number of episodes you want to create each month, plus a few perks for the extra daring go-getters. 

Podcasts are most memorable when they stick to their schedule and release new episodes often. We recommend choosing a premium or elite package that gives your audience new content to look forward to on a frequent and consistent basis. 

What’s The Turnaround Time?

When we begin working together, we’ll establish your publishing schedule. We’ll know what day you record, what day we’ll receive the content, and what day your podcast gets published. As long as we receive the content when expected, we can turn it around in a couple of days and maintain your weekly schedule. 


If something happens and you can’t record on-time, we understand and will do what we can to keep your publishing date consistent, but may need more time. 

Is There an Episode Length Limit?

Nope! Your podcast episodes can be 20 minutes or an hour and a half. We only recommend that your episode lengths stay consistent so your audience knows what to expect. 

Will You Publish My Episode When You’re Done?

When we’ve finished editing your podcast, we’ll give it back to you to publish, put on your website, or share on social media. If you need help with publishing or show notes, talk to us. We’ll see if we can create a custom package for your goals. 

Available 'round the Clock

We put our customers first. We are always a call, email, or even a text away if you run into any problems. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take pride in our work. We take pride in our clients being happy with their product. We go above and beyond to make sure everyone is satisfied. 

Free Consultations

Don’t know exactly what you need? No worries. We have a team that would love to talk to you and figure out how we can help get your podcast started.


When I started my website and podcast I reached out to my network for the name of a company I could trust and, without hesitation I got back the name “Truth Works Media.” With TWM’s capabilities and professionalism I can focus on the bigger picture of my business without worrying about quality or having to micromanage. I am confident with the team at TWM that I am getting top notch work with every part of my business they’re a part of.

Pat Ivey, Ph.D | Former NFL player

We at BioLogos had been thinking about a podcast for a long time, but didn’t think we had the resources to do it well. A chance conversation with Michael changed all that. He and TWM walked us through every aspect of the process and showed us how to put together a high-quality show. We’re super proud of the outcome (Language of God), and highly recommend TWM for anyone looking to get into podcasting.

Jim Stump, BioLogos Vice President

I was excited with the idea of launching a podcast, but figuring out how to make it happen was a bit scary. I’m so thankful for TWM! From finding the right equipment, to setting it up and recording, Michael and his team made it easier than I could of ever imagined! We are excited to launch the 2nd season and the ideas/improvements they brought for this round are going to help us reach even more people!

Dustin Kaehr, MBA | Director, Lippert Academy for Leadership

“I was fortunate to find Michael and TruthWork Media while I was looking at starting a podcast. They have a been a tremendous resource in producing Breaker Society, as well as Beyond One Day, a podcast produced for a school district client. From coaching to all the technical aspects that come along with podcasting, TWM has been a supportive partner and have made the process of producing content much more efficient and effective. Looking forward to continuing to work with them long into the future!”

Shane Haggerty

“I’d talked about podcasting for years, people told me I should do one, but I was stuck. Talking to Michael got me going again and helped me understand what to focus on and what to ignore when launching The Wonder Jam Cast.”

Adam Lehman

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