What Is The Best Podcast App?

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August 9, 2017

What Is The Best Podcast App?

The question, “What is the best podcast app?” is a great one because if you’re just getting into the world of podcasting, or have been listening for years, you might not know that not all podcast players are created equal!

When choosing a podcast app, the first thing you must consider is the platform your device is running. Platform refers to the background software – basically do you have an iPhone or are you using and Android or other device. Not all podcast apps work on all platforms.

You must also consider whether or not you are willing to pay for a podcast app that has special features built in or if you are only interested in free apps.

If you are looking to simply play podcast audio, then you can likely start with any free player. However exploring around for extra features can really enhance the experience of listening to podcasts.

Some special features that may not be present in all podcast apps include:

  • Ability to play at faster speeds
  • Volume booster
  • Silence trimmer
  • Playlists
  • Auto-download or auto-clean up
  • Ability to mark favorite episodes
  • Sharing of all or specific portion of a podcast
  • Cloud Storage
  • Ability to download vs stream
  • Intuitive podcast browsing/discovery features

Check out this list for 22 suggested podcast apps for your mobile device. They include an brief overview and pros and cons of individual apps. We suggest exploring at least a few apps to get a feel for which suits you best. Happy listenting!

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